To View Temperature Data Associated with a Barcode.

To Search for Barcode Readings.

Barcode Reading Alarms.

To View Temperature Data Associated with a Barcode

1.Select Mobile Data from the main View Data menu.

2.Select Barcode Readings from the sub-menu.

The Barcode Readings window is displayed. See Figure 291 below:

Figure 291

Barcode Readings 1

3.From the Select By: drop-down list, select Barcode.

Note:You can choose to view collected/uploaded data by Zone by selecting Zone from the drop-down list.

4.To display collected/uploaded data associated with a barcode:

Tick the box next to the barcode representing the data you wish to view and


Click on the View Data Icon icon adjacent to the required barcode. See Figure 291 above.


Check boxes adjacent to the required barcodes to highlight them and then click on the Display Readings button.  See Figure 291 above.

Checking the box adjacent to Barcode Description in the table's header selects all of the listed barcodes.

The Barcode Readings window is displayed for the selected barcode(s). See  Figure 292 below:

Note: Barcode Readings window's appearance may differ slightly from that illustrated below in earlier versions of EMS; however, the functionality is identical.

Figure 292

Barcode Readings Screen


Click on the Bar Graph Icon icon to display the Graph window showing the data associated with the barcode as a bar graph. See Figure 293 below:

Figure 293

Barcode Graph Window 2

The Tools menu bar enables the following functionality:

Back One Page

Reset Graph

This function will revert the Graph window to the Default View regardless of what is currently displayed.

oThe Default View displays one day's data for the current date


Moves to the previous or next barcode in the Barcode Readings table. See Figure 292 above.

Export Data

Clicking on the .CSV button exports the data on the displayed graph as a .csv file.

Clicking on the PDF button exports the displayed graph to a PDF file.

oExport Data will export ALL data within the date range specified in the Start Date: and End Date: fields whether a single barcode or multiple barcodes have been selected in the previous Barcodes Readings window.

Start of Data/End of Data

Displays start or end of the data on the graph.

To Search for Barcode Readings

1.From the Barcode Readings window, enter the search parameters into their respective fields. See Figure 292 above.

Data is entered for:

Start Date:

End Date:


Zone Name:

Alarm Type:

2.Click on the Search button.

3.The table is populated with Barcodes fulfilling the entered criteria.

Note: When searching for Barcode Readings by Barcode name, the relevant name MUST be entered into the Barcode: field EXACTLY as defined in the Barcode Details window otherwise the System will not recognise the name entered.

Barcode Reading Alarm Status

The Alarm Status associated with a Barcode Reading is displayed in the Alarm column of the Barcode Readings window. See Figure 293 above.

The following symbols are used to represent the alarm status:

High Alarm Icon

High Alarm

High Alarm Activated Icon

High Alarm is Acknowledged

Low Alarm Icon

Low Alarm

Low Alarm Aknowledged Icon

Low Alarm Acknowledged

No Alarm Icon

No Alarm

The User can  acknowledge an alarm by clicking on the red arrow symbols.

Note: These alarms are separate from other EMS alarms and can only be viewed from the Barcode Readings window.