System Configuration Admin > User Management >> Adding New Users

Adding New Users

To Add New Users

1.From the System menu, select User management. See Figure 298 below:

Figure 298

System Menu-Device Management2

The Edit/View Users window is displayed. See Figure 299 below:

Figure 299

User Management-Adding New Users

2.Select Create User from the USER MANAGEMENT drop-down list. See Figure 300 below:

Figure 300

User Management Drop Down-Create User

The Create User screen is displayed. See Figure 301 below:

Figure 301

Create User with AD Tick Box

3.Enter the details in the User Details pane as outlined in the following topics:

Add User Name

Active Directory Authentication

Add Password

Enter Email Address

Enter Telephone Number

Calibration Technician

Locked out users can be reset from this screen by ticking the Reset Lockout checkbox.

4.When you are happy with all entered User Details, click on the Add User.

Next, assign Site Access Privileges to the new User as outlined in the Site Access Privileges section.