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Global Settings

Global Settings allows Alarm Disable Times and Active Days to be set across a range of Sensor/Transmitters and Zones.

To Access Global Settings

1.From the required Site's Live View window, select Global Settings and then Alarm Notification from the View Data menu. See Figure 1068 below::

Figure 1068

Global Settings - Alarm Notification NEW

After selecting Alarm Notification, the Global Settings: Alarm Notification window is displayed with a set of default values. See Figure 1069 below:

Figure 1069

Global Settings - Alarm Notification2

For information on setting times and days see the Levels section.

2.Untick any Active Days when the Alarms should be inactive.

3.Enter suitable Alarm Disable Start Time and Alarm Disable End Time values into their respective fields in the form: HH:MM:SS

4.Once the times and days have been set, expand the list on the left of the window by clicking on the arrow icon next to the displayed Site's name. See Figure 1070 below:

Figure 1070

Global Settings Alarm Notifications Not Expanded-Expanded

5.Tick the relevant boxes next to the required Sites, Zones and Sensors entries to select which to apply the changes to. See Figure 1071 below:

Figure 1071

Global Settings Alarm Notifications Expanded Highlighted

6.Click on the Apply Global Setting button. See Figure 1072 below:

Figure 1072

Apply Global Settings Button

7.In the displayed dialog box, click Yes to confirm or No to cancel the change. See Figure 1073 below:

Figure 1073

Apply Alarm Settings Yes-No