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Accessing Sensor Properties

Access Sensor Properties

1.From the required Site's Live View window, select Edit Mode from the main View Data menu. See Figure 791 below:

Figure 791

Edit Mode Add Zone

Click here for details on Accessing Sensor Properties if you are using a version of EMS prior to Version 1.0.9 / 2.0.3 (Compliant)

The Edit Mode window is displayed. See Figure 795 below:

Figure 795

Edit Mode Window


By default, the Sensor and Zone editing/configuration window for the Zone at the top of the left-hand menu is displayed.

To display another Zone's Edit Mode window, click on the entry for the required Zone in the left-hand menu. For an example, see Figure 796 below:

Figure 796

Change Zone2



i.In the left-hand list of the Zone's Edit Mode window, click on the small 'arrow' symbol to display a list of the Sensors associated with the Zone. See Figure 797 below:

Figure 797

Zone Sensor Arrow Symbol


ii.In the left-hand list, click on the required Sensor's icon Sensor Icon.


In the table in the Zone's Edit Mode window, click on the required Sensor's name in the Sensor Name column. See Figure 798 below:

Figure 798

Select Sensor Name Edit Mode Table

The Edit Mode window for the selected Sensor is displayed.  See Figure 799 below:

Figure 799

Edit Mode Window for Sensor

Sensor Property functionality is accessed by clicking on the relevant panes at the bottom of the Edit Mode window.  See Figure 800 below.

Click on the relevant image to navigate to information on the parameters for each Sensor Property:

Figure 800

Sensor Properties Field
Sensor Properties Calibration
Sensor Properties Filters
Sensor Properties Meter Settings
Sensor Properties Alarms