Power Up Sequence

Displaying Alarm Screens


Sub-Screen Symbols

Power Up Sequence

As the ARB Module powers up, the Network Failure icon will appear while the Module is establishing a connection to the EMS Server. See Figure 232 below:

Figure 232

ARB Network Failure Screen

Once a connection is established, the Hanwell logo will display while the ARB Module is downloading alarm screens from the EMS Server.

The OLED display will turn off after a minute of keypad inactivity (no key presses) to conserve display life; the Module will continue to update it's alarm display screens, as normal, whilst the display is off.

Displaying Alarm Screens

The ARB Module will display alarms for Sensors associated with the specified Unit; see the Sensors section.

If the display has turned off, press any key to turn on the OLED display.

If there are no alarms to display, the ARB Module will show the No Alarms icon. See Figure 233 below:

Figure 233

ARB Alarm Screen No Alarms

When the ARB Module has alarm(s) available to display on the screen, the red alarm LED will flash approximately twice per second.

Pressing the Up and Down keys will turn the display On and also cycle through the main alarm screens for each transmitter in alarm.

Once the display is On, the ARB Module will automatically cycle through each available main alarm screen, changing screens approximately every five seconds.

Each main alarm screen shows the transmitter's name and an overview of the alarm condition. See Figure 234 below:

Figure 234

ARB Display Representative


Sensor Name

Alarm Screen Temperature Channel

Temperature Channel - Indicates a temperature value has gone beyond pre-set alarm threshold.

Alarm Screen Humidity

Humidity Channel - Indicates a humidity value has gone beyond pre-set alarm threshold.

Alarm Screen Generic

Generic Channel - Indicates a channel, other than temperature or humidity, has gone beyond pre-set alarm threshold.

Alarm Screen Door Open

Door Open - Indicates a door has been left open for more that the pre-set threshold.

Alarm Screen Elapsed Time

Elapsed Time Warning - A signal has not been received from the Sensor for more than the pre-set limit.

Alarm Screen Battery State

Battery State Alarm - Battery should be replaced. See Replacement Batteries.

Where a transmitter has one or more channel alarms, (e.g. High High, High, Low, Low Low and / or Rate of Change alarms), pressing Enter will move down to the first sub-screen, showing the alarm details; if a second sub-screen is available, pressing enter again will move to the second screen.


The examples below show two sub-screens for a Dual-Channel Transmitter, with alarms on both channels.

Where a transmitter has only one channel in alarm, only one sub-screen will be shown.

Laboratory Fridge


Laboratory Fridge


Alarm Screen Up Arrow 12.4ºC



Alarm Screen Double Up Arrow 18.7ºC

Channel 1

Alarm Screen Big Arrow 22.5ºC


Channel 2


Sub-Screen Symbols

Alarm Screen Double Up Arrow

High High Alarm

Alarm Screen Up Arrow

High Alarm

Alarm Screen Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up Symbol

Alarm Screen Acknowledged


Alarm Screen Double Down Arrow

Low Low Alarm

Alarm Screen Down Arrow

Low Alarm

Alarm Screen Big Arrow

Rate of Change Alarm




Pressing Enter on the last sub-screen will display the Thumbs Up symbol, (see above), pressing Enter again will acknowledge all alarms for the transmitter and display the Acknowledged symbol, (see above).

To return to the main screens display without acknowledging alarms, press either the Up or Down key at any point.