ARB Module Keypad

The ARB Module keypad has 5 keys; the top three are associated with alarm screen operation, the bottom two with the Bluetooth interface and Buzzer operation. See Figure 231 below:

Figure 231

ARB Keypad 2

Alarm Screen Operation

ARB Keypad Down  

ARB Keypad Up

Up and Down keys
Cycle through Alarm messages for each transmitter - see Alarm Screen.

ARB Keypad Enter

Enter - See Alarm Screen.

ARB Keypad Bluetooth

Bluetooth - See HM007 Mobile Data Upload.

ARB Keypad Mute

Mute - Silences alarm buzzer - see Relay / Buzzer and MS100 Card Operation.


The ARB Module has 3 LEDs:


The Red LED flashes to indicate that alarm screen(s) are available to view on the OLED display; see Alarm Screen.

Amber LED

The Amber LED indicates the network status. At power up, the Amber LED will flash quickly while network settings are acquired, before switching to a slow flash while connecting to the Hanwell IceSpy server and, finally, progressing to solidly on, once connected to the EMS Server.

During normal use, a fast flash indicates loss of network connection and a slow flash indicates a loss of connection to the EMS Server.

Green LED

The Green Power LED illuminates during normal operation; it will go off during a Power Fail condition.